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Ed Sheeran (Jack)

No.1 Ed Sheeran Tribute
  • Jack Shepherd is the UKs number 1 Ed Sheeran tribute
  • One Man
  • One Guitar
  • One Loop Pedal Ed Sheeran is the hottest act around the globe at the moment Jack is guaranteed to bring you the next best thing
  • Jack brings you an authentic live performance, not only does he sound like Ed but he has an uncanny resemblance even down to the trademark ginger hair
  • Can you get any closer with both being the same height,same age even the same shoe size! Not just your standard tribute, its a passion
  • Perfoming exactly the same way as Ed would
  • One of the biggest questions we get asked is does Jack play with a band or backing
  • The answer is no, just like Ed Sheeran Jack doesn't play with either
  • Everything you see is played live, the band sound is created using the guitar and a loop pedal
  • Its a one man band no need for anything else, engaging the audience letting them enjoy seeing a song building
  • Covering all events around the UK

Reviews of Ed Sheeran (Jack)

mandy Rowden arms Chippenham -05/08/2020

Excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Jack is a fab tribute act and sounds and looks like Ed Sheeran. Keep up the good work Jack and all the best in the future. See you next year x

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Ed Sheeran (Jack)

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