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Ed Sheeran (Christy Bullen)

Great Ed Sheeran Tribute
  • Christy Bullen is perfect if you are looking for someone who can perform a 1 x 45 minute set as Ed Sheeran
  • If you're not Christy Bullen also offers another set full of varied and mixed songs, ranging from Meghan Trainor to Sean Kingston
  • Whether you're looking for an Ed Sheeran tribute or someone who looks like Ed Sheeran Christy Bullen can cater to any venue and audience either as himself or as Ed Sheeran
  • His mixed songs set also includes a few Ed Sheeran songs, so even if you're not wanting the full Ed Sheeran tribute, Christy still offers a glimpse of his Ed Sheeran tribute

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Ed Sheeran (Christy Bullen)

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